Pick Your Path

21 Days to Set Your Mental Autopilot on the Right Course

ISBN: 979-8-3507-3181-1
By: Mahusay, Elizabeth


The year was 2010. Our family took a step of faith and relocated from Tampa, Florida to Dallas, Texas. My husband and I thought the move and restart of two different commission-based businesses would be easy! Boy, were we wrong! It was hard and it challenged me to put into practice what I had been teaching for many years – what we think matters. Because our thinking puts us on a path that leads to the results we see in our lives and our businesses. Visually it may look like this. What I learned in the years after our move is that each day, and some days, each moment of the day, presented me with opportunity to pick a path. For example, I could pick the path of negativity or the path of positivity about the hard of restarting. Once chosen, that path of thinking would lead to beliefs, expectations, attitudes, actions, habits, and ultimately results. Out of that season of learning, I developed my signature keynote: Pick Your Path, How to Set Your Mental Autopilot on the Right Course. I wrote this book as the first in a series of practical guides for daily picking a path that establishes better thinking. This book contains 21 insightful lessons meant to serve as stepping stones in picking a path that sets your mental autopilot on the right course. I have lived these 21 lessons over 20+ years as an entrepreneur! The real-life examples and reflections questions at the end of each day are meant to assist you in gaining a deeper insight into your thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. My heart is that you finish the book better equipped with the knowledge needed to make conscious choices and take deliberate actions toward picking your path. One final thought. You will notice on the front cover a paper airplane. Paper airplanes begin with a blank sheet of paper which can have so much potential. A blank sheet of paper can be used for writing or drawing—creative outlets that are filled with endless possibilities. But to create an airplane out of that blank paper means we need to invest time to transform the paper into a plane. You need to fold, press, and pinch to make it into something that flies! The same can be true of our thinking. When we invest the time to transform our thoughts and set our mental autopilot on the right course, we can take flight and inspire others to do the same. Whether you are seeking to enhance your career, improve your relationships, or simply lead a more fulfilling life, take the 21-day challenge and bring others along for the flight.


Elizabeth Mahusay

Elizabeth passionately invests her time in helping others transform their thinking. The former chemistry teacher uses the science of neuroplasticity to equip her audience with the tools and confidence they need to lead the kind of life they want. As an author, executive business coach, and speaker, Elizabeth loves seeing growth in others. Whether through her books, her Youtube content Or her weekly podcast - Thinking that Matters, she shares leadership lessons and provides content that’s encouraging, relevant, and applicable. Elizabeth is also a TED speaker and keynote speaker who has made both domestic and international speaking appearances. She’s delivered messages on thought transformation, business building, and inspiration to organizations of all sizes. Elizabeth spent 19 years as a sales and leadership coach for a jewelry company, where she directed a large organization of individual sales representatives. She also serves as a coach with a consulting agency where is a top producer. She empowers her business leader clients to increase their income by up to 46%. She also helps clients improve their hiring and onboarding processes, achieve a greater work-life management, and enhance team culture in their workplaces. Elizabeth earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry Education and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on Instructional Technology. During her time at the university, she participated in the SunCoast Area Teacher Training Leadership Program and developed expertise in Kagan Cooperative Learning and problem-solving techniques. No stranger to public service, Elizabeth has served within the chamber of commerce, her church, and her community. She married her high school sweetheart Fred, who is a small business owner. They live in McKinney, Texas, and have two grown sons.