Blood Iris

Utopia in the Age of Plague

ISBN: 979-8-3507-3278-8
By: Bao, Crystal


In a magical land, a group of friends finds a mysterious red flower, transporting the curious genie into a black-and-white world of craziness. Thus, the genie encounters strange creatures and puzzling challenges while searching for a way back home. With friendship and courage, it uncovers the secrets of the red flower, learning to see beauty in every shade of life.


Crystal Bao

Crystal Bao is an illustrator and author based in Manhattan, New York, currently studying at the School of Visual Arts after completing high school in London. She finds great joy in letting her imagination run wild through vibrant, rhythmic, and richly composed illustrations. With a background in children's books, advertising, editorials, self-publishing, painting, and mural creation, Crystal is enthusiastic about exploring new creative avenues. She loves experimenting with various forms of media and is always eager to try her hand at anything that sparks her curiosity. Notable Works: Blood Iris: Utopia in the Age of Plague Feel free to contact her at: Website: