Surviving the Storm

ISBN: 979-8-3507-3286-3
By: Champion, Sabrina


My pain, disappointments, shame, and failures inspired me to write this book. I want every young girl and woman to know that you can beat adversity because I did. My mistakes taught me lessons well learned, and every failure brought me one step closer to my success.


Sabrina Champion

I’m from Barlow Bend, Alabama. At a very early age, I was raised by my grandmother. I’m a salon owner; I love the fact I’m in a position to offer jobs and help enhance my clients’ beauty. I have been blessed to walk through many doors. I worked on a movie set, performed in hair shows, was featured in magazines, modeled, spoke at schools, and hosted different events for my community. The road to success has been hard, but it has been worth it. I felt in my spirit about 15 years ago that I was here on this earth to make a difference, and I know I can’t succeed without God. I’m so grateful. This ride has been a bumpy ride, but I feel everything is smoothing out now. I am forever grateful. Jesus, I thank you. I SURVIVED THE STORM!