The Vault

ISBN: 979-8-3507-3292-4
By: Dr. Dianna Global Enterprises, LLC


This written door/gate will challenge the perceptions and teachings of a traditional background of the church and transform it into a holistic conception of how the earth realm operates in a dimension of the spiritual realm for the Kingdom of God. The elements within the earth are orchestrated and have a purpose while working for man. The reader will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about how supernatural communication is always active and intentional every day to provide insight into the present and future.


She is an international and millennial speaker who has traveled intensively to empower thousands throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Islands, and South Africa. As an empowerment strategist for many in the five-fold ministry as well as with various community leaders in the political, business, medical, and educational sectors, she mentors through her various enterprises. Dr. Dianna also received in 2017 The Outstanding Citizen Award from Current Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp and Senator Donzella James where she was recognized as a Goodwill Ambassador for the State of Georgia. Dr. Dianna is also a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Hollins has repeated appeared as a guest on television and radio affiliate networks such as ABC/FOX, NBC, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), nationally known-Praise 102.7 Detroit, the Herbert Dennard Show, All Nation Radio, a Stellar Award Winning Radio Station, Vision TV (broadcasting to other countries) and WATC-57 Atlanta Live.