Standard For Providing Executive Protection

ISBN: 979-8-3507-3428-7
By: The Board of Executive Protection Professionals


This Standard establishes comprehensive guidance for providing executive protection services. It addresses topics that support Executive Protection operations including but not limited to threat assessment and risk mitigation strategies, protective detail formation and protocols, advance procedures for travel and events, and contingency planning for emergencies. The standard emphasizes the importance of planning, professionalism, discretion, and continuous training for executive protection personnel. It aims to enhance the safety and security of individuals facing elevated personal risk by promoting a standardized approach to executive protection services.


The Board of Executive Protection Professionals (BEPP) is non-profit organization composed of seasoned professionals who manage the process of developing and maintaining the Executive Protection National Standards and Executive Protection Professional Board Certification Test. Our Mission is to elevate the training, quality, and professionalism of the Executive Protection industry.” The Vision of the BEPP is to “Make the Executive Protection industry professionalized and accountable by upholding unwavering ethics, standards, and competencies for the benefit of practitioners and all stakeholders served by the industry.”